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Trampoline Exercises You Can Do At Home In Under 10 Minutes

If you’re like most folks, squeezing in exercise on a regular basis is often a challenge. Both strength and cardio routines take time and get boring quickly.

However, a 10-minute trampoline exercise workout is a far more efficient use of your exercise time. 10 minutes of vigorous trampoline-assisted exercise is comparable to 30 minutes on a treadmill or the cardiovascular benefits of running one mile.

Consistent exercise on a trampoline can strengthen muscles surrounding your heart and improve your lung capacity. You can also burn more calories and lose weight, as well as improve your coordination and balance.

Trampoline Exercises

Exercising on a trampoline is also low-impact form of work out, so for those individuals who are recovering from knee surgery, have back problems or are getting on in years, it’s an ideal way to maximize your activity level with the least amount of physical stress.

Basic Walk

Just like every other exercise regimen, you need to warm up and cool down before and after your session. Take your basic starting stance and lift your heels in a walking motion without picking up your toes. As you would when power walking, swing your arms to maximize the exercise benefits.

As you grow in skill and fitness, you can increase your speed to really get the full benefits of a fast paced workout.


If you’ve ever done any jogging, you know how much of a beating your knees, shins and ankles take pounding on a hard surface. Jogging in place on a trampoline gives you all the benefits without the painful effects.

Add twisting your upper body left and right while jumping to strengthen hip and abdominal muscles. For even more benefits, add wrist or ankle weights to maximize your workout.

Jumping Jacks

One of the first exercises you probably did in gym class, jumping jacks takes on a whole new meaning when you do them on a trampoline. Doing jumping jacks on the ground is certainly an aerobic exercise, but it can play havoc with your hips, feet and knees.

By doing those jumping jacks on a trampoline, you reduce painful and possibly damaging high impact and increase the calories you burn while performing them. Just do those same old maneuvers while you bounce and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you break a sweat and feel your heart rate accelerating.

Mat Exercises

Push-ups, curls, leg raises, squat-thrusts, lunges and burpees are just a few of the standard exercises that you can do on a trampoline. These are all good when done on the exercise floor, but their efficacy is increased when done on a trampoline.

They’re the same old routines you practiced at a fitness center or remember from high school gym class. They’re just loads more fun and effective when you’re doing them while bouncing.


Although there are lots of variations on Pilates presentations, there is a standard set of basic exercises that are traditionally performed. These are all typically done on a mat, but practicing them on a trampoline expends more calories and allows you to more quickly develop core strength, stamina and coordination.

The exercises include:
The Hundred
The Roll Up
The Roll Over
One Leg Circle
Rolling Like A Ball
Single And Double Leg Stretch
Spine Stretch
Double Leg Rocker


Yoga is a very structured form of exercise that requires balance and controlled movements. Using the trampoline in lieu of a mat, one practices the flowing, stretching and undulating movements with the spring of the trampoline. Yoga enthusiasts can explore the traditional sequences in an entirely different approach with the expanded range of motion achieved on a springy surface.

Almost any exercise or variation can be adapted to do on your trampoline. It’s lots of fun and you’ll find yourself spending more time than you thought possible exercising. Whether you do your exercising on your own outdoor trampoline, go to a free jump arena or use a mini-trampoline or rebounder, incorporating your exercise with a trampoline may be just the thing you need to take your exercise commitment to the next level.


Three Trampoline Accessories You Don’t Want to Miss

We all know kids love trampolines, but it doesn’t just end with your initial purchase. Not only are there safety accessories you need to make jumping safe for everyone, there are all sorts of accessories to add fun and excitement to your trampoline.
You’ve made a substantial investment in your trampoline, so you might as well make it as useful as possible. Your kids can enjoy lots of additional activities when you add these accessories to your arsenal of trampoline add-ons.

Trampoline Accessories


We all know how much kids love tents. Give them a couple of chairs or a table and a sheet or two, and they’ll instantly create a fort, castle, cave or clubhouse.

A trampoline tent can be a great addition that the kids will use all summer long. This tent can make a great substitute for a tree house. Kids love having a secret place that’s all their own and a trampoline tent makes a perfect clubhouse.

When it’s rainy, too cool or when no one feels up to jumping, a tent can be a fun get-away. Reading, texting or listening to music can be comfortable in a tent that gives shade and privacy.

It’s also a great idea for a backyard campout. Sleep under the stars without lying on the lumpy lawn. You also won’t end up with creepy crawlers joining you in your sleeping bag.


If it gets really hot in your part of the country, a trampoline mister can really cool down overheated kids. It can reduce the temperature in the jump area by as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

It also keeps the jump mat cool. If you’ve ever landed on a black jump mat that’s been baking in the hot sun, you know it’s pretty uncomfortable.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the jump mat can get very slippery when it’s wet. When the kids are jumping with the mister on, they need to be sure to wear water shoes or aqua socks. This isn’t a Slip n’ Slide!

Game Nets

Your trampoline takes up a significant amount of space in your yard. You might want to consider utilizing it as a component of other backyard games. Since only one person should be using the trampoline at a time, provide other activities while they wait their turn.

Badminton/Volleyball Net

With this add-on, your trampoline becomes one of the uprights for a volleyball net. The unit has mounts made specifically to clamp onto the trampoline frame while the other post is seated in the ground normally. Now you’ve got a game everyone can play.

Sure Shot Lower Enclosure Game Net

The lower enclosure for your trampoline keeps wayward pets and children from going under the trampoline. It also keeps leaves and debris from piling up underneath the unit.
This enclosure not only keeps the area safe and tidy, but it’s great for soccer practice or other kick-ball games your kids think up.
The springy netting is great for perfecting kick shots and features a bull’s eye target and handy storage pouches for jumpers’ shoes and outdoor toys.

By choosing safe and kid-friendly accessories for your trampoline, you’re getting more bang for your buck. Additional fun, outdoor activities keep kids on the move and contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle. We suggest you make the most of your trampoline investment with add-ons the entire family will enjoy.