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Kids on trampolineSo many of us grew up with trampolines in one way or another, and I didn’t want to keep my girls from having the same fun I had when I was a kid, so when they asked me about it after seeing one in a movie, I started doing some research. What I found was a lot of contradicting information about safety, quality, and even how to set them up.

I guess I made the right choice, because they loved the backyard trampoline I bought them so much that they soon both wanted to join gymnastics. But I still had questions and wanted to cut through all the spin and find out what really made these trampolines great. Why were they fun, why do people still love them, and, most importantly, how do I make them as safe as possible?

That’s why I created this site. As parents, we want our kids to have fun, get exercise, and enjoy their childhood to the fullest extent possible. We also want to keep them safe, prevent them from hurting themselves, and guard them against pain or worse. So I decided to start trying out as many trampolines as I could, looking into how they are made and what we can do to make sure that when our kids use them, they don’t fall off and do serious damage to themselves.

Articles here are going to focus a lot of quality. Not just the quality of the frame, which so many other sites tend to talk about, but the strength of the mat so that little legs don’t end up poking straight through them. We’re going to discuss what the springs are made of and how sharp the ends are as well as how often they need to be changed.

More than anything, we’re going to talk about safety. What sorts of pad should you get for the edges to keep kids from landing on metal? When do you need a safety net and how high should you mount your trampoline? Where are good places to put your trampoline to make sure that the kids aren’t bouncing into power cables or tree branches?

When I started this, I promised myself that I would talk straight to my readers, so don’t expect me to pull any punches. None of these companies pay me directly or even ask me to talk about their product, so I’m under no obligation to tell you anything but the truth as I see it. If a particular trampoline is dangerous, poorly made, or just not very good, you can be sure that I will tell you that in no uncertain terms and give you all of the reasons why. On the other hand, if it’s a great product and I say so, you can be sure that that is my honest opinion.

When I look at my girls jumping on our trampoline, I can’t help but think back to my own summers playing on a trampoline at my best friend’s house. I want them to love doing that for as long as they can, so I’m going to make sure that they stay safe and that their trampoline is the best I can get them. I have no doubt that you feel the same way about your kids, which is why you can trust that I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t let my children play on.

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