The Trampoline Market In The US.

Trampolines have been around since the early 1930s, and they are more popular now than ever. With the addition of new safety measures, these pieces of sporting equipment have really taken off and provided hours of fun every year. Since the introduction of commercial trampolines in the 1950s, interest in them has only increased by leaps and bounds.

Little Tikes Trampoline

How Many Trampolines Are Sold

In the United States alone, there are dozens of trampoline and rebounder manufacturers. It is estimated by the National Institute of Health that approximately 500,000 trampolines are sold in the US annually. This accounts for roughly $720 million in the sale of actual trampolines, not to mention the amount of money that is made on indoor recreation parks focused on bouncing.

While not huge, trampolines are still very big business in this country and the market continues to grow with more and more companies entering every year at various levels.

Trampoline Makers

There are several companies currently making trampolines and rebounders on the modern market. They have all managed to gain reputations for themselves over time. Here are just a few of them:

1. Airzone – For many people, due to the price, these are the first kinds of backyard trampoline they own. There are several lines that the company produces, including one that uses elastic brands rather than springs to attach the mat, and they have been plagued by recalls several times in the past. At best, Airzone can be considered entry-level trampolines and probably shouldn’t be expected to last long-term.

2. JumpSport – This company has solidified itself in the market already, if for no other reason than that they were the first company to invent a trampoline safety net. They’ve been leaders in safety ever since, not to mention providing a high quality product for a reasonable price and either a 10-year or lifetime warranty on their frames. JumpSport is largely responsible for the last decade’s worth of increased sales.

3. Skywalker Trampolines – This company has the largest manufacturing facility of any other company that produces trampolines in the country. Their products tend to be inexpensive and are not reliable for the long haul, but their short-term offerings aren’t bad as are their indoor rebounders.

4. Springfree Trampolines – This company is particularly interesting because they have actually created a brand new spring-free bouncing system that uses fiberglass rods to create the trampoline effect. This also has the added bonus of separating the frame from the mat so that users won’t accidentally hit it while they’re bouncing.

Trampoline Sellers

There are countless outlets where you can buy trampolines from various brands, too many to name specifically. However, these are some of the types of retailer that you can go to get a new trampoline or rebounder.

1. Big Box Stores – You can usually find at least two or three different kinds of trampolines in the Toy or Sporting Goods departments of your local big box retailer. While these won’t necessarily be the best quality, they will often be inexpensive and provide you with an entry into the sport.

2. Sporting Goods Stores – Trampolines are considered important equipment for a number of sports like gymnastics. As such, you’ll usually find several different brands, shapes, and quality of trampoline at sporting goods stores. They will generally have a larger selection than big box retailers and staff trained to know more about the options.

3. Online Retailers – These days it’s possible to find almost any trampoline online someplace. Not only are these generally available on the manufacturer’s website, but large catch-all retailers like Amazon and Overstock can provide not only a wide selection but excellent deals. It’s not recommended to purchase used from a site like Ebay since there is no way to tell what the state of the item is in and it could be dangerous.

The Strength of the Market

As should be obvious, the trampoline market is secure and growing more so every year. As safety features become more standard and companies continue to innovate, it is likely to keep growing for the foreseeable future.

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