Trampoline Parks: A Healthy Trend?

Trampolining used to be something that was relegated to backyards and workout videos.

Today, the growing trend of trampoline parks has made a name as the optimal blend of family fun and fitness, with NewsUSA reporting that parks are growing by “leaps and bounds”.

Despite the increasing popularity and health benefits, there are still safety concerns that may make some parents and individuals balk at entering one of the parks.

Below we discuss Sky Zone, the leading trampoline park of today, along with health benefits and safety concerns.

Sky Zone

Sky Zone has made a huge impact on the trampoline park industry. Although bouncing up and down for exercise and fun wouldn’t typically conjure images of reality TV royalty, that is exactly where Sky Zone got its start.

Real Housewives of Orange County star, Alexis Bellino, started the business with her husband, Jim, and the two currently own Sky Zone Sports Anaheim and Sky Zone San Diego.

Visitors don’t need to be Hollywood elite to enjoy their visit, or even have a penchant for anything involving glamour. Still, frequent visits to the indoor park may just lead to Hollywood figure worthy of “Best Beach Body Lists”.

With Sky Zone meshing trampolining with sports and exercises like dodgeball, basketball and acrobatics, the park offers an optimal workout that is as effective as it is fun.


Various health benefits are associated with the exercise practiced at Sky Zone and other trampoline parks. These benefits include:

Circulation and Cardiovascular Health
Academia cited various studies which purport the cardiovascular benefits of trampolining.

Trampolining increases heart rate and circulatory flow in a way that is extremely beneficial, and fulfills optimal levels of fitness in a short period of time.

Furthermore, the benefits of trampolining as a form of fitness “…satisfies the American College of Sports Medicine criteria for improvement of cardiorespiratory conditions.”

Sky Zone Trampoline Park exemplifies these benefits, allowing heart rates to increase which leads to greater blood flow and circulation. Also, the low impact of trampolining as exercise is a better alternative for bone and joint health as opposed to higher impact exercises like running.

Improves Balance and Coordination

Being more liable to toppling over isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, the heightened awareness trampolining brings to an individual’s center of gravity can improve balance and coordination exponentially. Moreover, greater balance and coordination is beneficial to bilateral motor skills.

Mental Health and Autism

It probably comes as no surprise that bouncing up and down can make one feel happy, and there’s research that trampolining actually poses exponential benefits to health and wellness.

An article from Your Doc Medical notes that trampolining is the perfect exercise for releasing chemicals known as endorphins, which alleviate stress and create an overall sense of wellbeing.

Other reports and studies are noting that the exercise can also help alleviate symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder. So much so, in fact, that Lakeside Center for Autism in Isaaquah, Washington has utilized trampolines as part of their therapy.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of trampolining as a form of exercise include:
•    Increased immunity
•    Improvement in gastrointestinal health
•    Promotion of better sleep cycles

Parental Concerns

Despite the benefits of trampolining and the fun array of activities available at trampoline parks like Sky Zone, many parents may find themselves concerned by safety risks and potential for injury.

In 2012, Today reported on the tragic loss of one mother’s son after a somersaulting into a shallow foam pit in a trampoline park located in Phoenix, Arizona led to fatal consequences.

To prevent injury and address concerns, Sky Zone posted a video outlining their guidelines on YouTube, which reviews waiver procedures and other ways to maintain safety, such as:
•    Be sure that jumpers are separated by size
•    Be aware of surroundings
•    Participate with jumpers similar in size
•    Before entering a court, empty pockets and discard any gum or other food/candy items in your mouth
•    Do not wear jewelry
•    Contain jumps to trampolines and do not climb up the walls
•    If bouncing off a side walls, always land on the trampoline closest to the wall being bounced off of
•    Do single flips, not double
•    Do not attempt any “trick” or exercise outside of comfort zone or familiarity
•    Avoid any kind of horseplay
•    Do not sit or lie on the court
•    Always listen to court monitors

When in doubt, ask questions and do research before visiting a trampoline park.

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