What’s Up With Trampoline Tents?

Just do a Google search for images of trampoline tents and you’ll see tons of different shapes, styles and sizes. Whether your kids want to stargaze from a tent with a panoramic view, do some backyard camping or have a fun secret clubhouse or fort, you’re sure to find a perfect tent style for your trampoline.

You’ve made a considerable investment on your family’s trampoline and although the kids love jumping, adding a tent is a good way to increase the usefulness of your trampoline. Your kids will spend more time outdoors and less time sitting in front of their video games. Who knows, maybe you’ll even have a chance to enjoy a little ‘me time’ relaxing with a good book in the trampoline tent!
Tents Style for Trampolines

Trampoline Tents VS Weather Cover

A trampoline tent is not meant to protect your trampoline against degradation from UV rays and weather conditions. For that kind of protection, you need a trampoline cover. A cover fits directly over the jump surface and is secured snugly around the so it’s easy to put on and take off.

A cover not only protects the pad against UV rays, but it also keeps dirt and debris from accumulating on the jump pad. It should be used between uses and can significantly increase the life of your trampoline.

A trampoline tent isn’t meant to prolong your trampoline life and may or may not be made with UV resistant materials. It also takes more time to set up and tear down.

Your Trampoline Manufacturer’s Tents

When you decide to get a tent, I suggest you start by checking with the manufacturer of your trampoline. If you purchase one that’s specifically designed for your trampoline model and size, there’s no question that it should fit properly.

Your trampoline brand will probably have a limited number of designs available. If they have the style you’re looking for, you’re good to go. However, if the manufacturer of your trampoline doesn’t make a tent that has the features you want, you’ll need to start looking for a third party manufacturer that makes the style you’re looking for.

Third Party Tents

There are several third party manufacturers producing trampoline tents that fit on a variety of brands. They often specify the brands and models their product is compatible with, but some only specify the size of trampoline the unit will fit.

Make sure you investigate the compatibility with your brand and model trampoline. Check with their online help center or make a call to their customer service department for help in selecting your tent.

Styles Of Trampoline Tents

With several different types of tents available, you need to determine what features your kids will enjoy most. Some models of tents have a variety of features that make them more versatile than others.

There are both free-standing tents that set up directly on the jump mat or tents that incorporate the uprights of your trampoline enclosure.

Clubhouse Tent

A clubhouse style tent may have net window openings for lots of light and views. It may also have roll-down covers for the openings to ‘close’ the windows for privacy.

These clubhouse trampolines are made in all sorts of colorful designs. Pink and purple colors especially for girls, a circus big top and a wild west theme for boys are just a few of the styles you’ll find available in many sizes.

Camping Tent

Another design is the camping style tent. It’s more like the tents used for roughing it. It’s lower in height, has few windows and gives protection against the elements. Perfect for camping out, a trampoline camping tent gives kids the fun of sleeping outdoors in all kinds of weather without the hard ground and crawly bugs.

Trampoline Roof

If you use a trampoline enclosure, you can attach a fabric roof to the enclosure uprights to create a covered tent-like environment. The roof provides shelter from the sun as well as from rain. This makes a perfect shady, bug-free place to hang out and relax or even sleep under the stars.

If you are considering buying a trampoline, you should check out the styles of tents available for the models you’re considering. Since you may very likely be adding a tent to your trampoline at some point, you might as well investigate what’s available. It may save you time and aggravation in the future.


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